Monday, July 2, 2012

Country Roads

We had an amazing time in Sapphire this weekend. It was in the 90's, which for up there is pretty unheard of, but coming from Athens, it felt like heaven. 
Canyon Kitchen
Friday night, we went to a late dinner at Canyon Kitchen at Lonesome Valley. Normally, once we get to the house, we never leave, but I have been hearing about this restaurant for over a year. The chef came from Blackberry Farm, and the views from the property are supposed to be incredible. The restaurant offers a nightly prix fixe menu, and all the options for Friday looked incredible. "Looked" being the operative word. I have not been that let down by a restaurant in a long time. None of the dishes seemed hot enough, and I think the kitchen must have run out of seasonings. Everything was just sort of tepid and blah. It felt like such a waste of (a lot) of money and the effort to leave the house at Sapphire. But alas, we had to try it. The decor and the setting are gorgeous. I think it may be a fun spot to get a cocktail - even if my Pimm's Cup was a little light on the Pimm's. 
When we got back from dinner, I lit a fire, to which I am sure that Tim who takes care of the property thinks I am a nut job. But I just don't know how you can be in the mountains without a fire - even if the AC is on.
We woke up early (thanks to a whining dog) and went fishing before it got "too hot to fish". Mr. Fonty and I both slayed it. 
After fishing we went back and did some napping.
And then headed down to the dam to do some wading in the water. It was a perfect quick trip.   
Looking down from the top of the dam
The happiest dog
This Tuesday we head to Texas for the 4th. I feel like I am on permanent vacation. I could get used to this!

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