Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tunesday With George: Futurebirds

Futurebirds -- Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga was a long time in the making, or more accurately a long time in the "releasing", for recent Athens emmigrants Futurbirds. But their patience has payed off, as their ducks seemed to have lined up quite nicely in a row: Southern indie juggernaut Fat Possum picked up the album, they just completed a great run of dates with Grace Potter, and the notoriously snarky Pitchfork even raved about the album.
Oh, and catch them on tour this week with Band of Horses!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Supper's On

Nashville Supper Club
When I moved to Nashville, the word "supper" was something I only came across in novels set in the antebellum south. Little did I know that this simple word would eventually lead to some of the best friends of my life, and too many good meals and memories to count. 
Within a few months of being in Nashville, I was invited to a Supper Club dinner at a friend's house. We'd meet each week to enjoy a home-cooked meal and watch The Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, or some equally embarrassing show our boyfriends/husbands/roommates wouldn't allow on the TV. Over the years, our Supper Club added new friends to the group and threw goodbye parties for those moving away (myself included, tear). I don't think I would have lasted living so far away from home had it not been for the amazing, lifelong friendships I made over cheap wine and poppy-seed chicken casserole. 
Gena Knox Supper Club
Leave it to a southern girl (and Athens, GA resident) to find a way to make this dinner tradition even more fabulous. Gena Knox, author of my favorite cookbook Southern My Way, now has a monthly Supper Club menu. From the cocktail to the dessert she has the whole thing planned for you. All you have to do is sign up for her monthly email HERE and grab a group of your favorite gals. 
Spring Vegetable Couscous with Roasted Shrimp
If you aren't familiar with Knox's recipes, you will be hooked. They are fresh and simple, yet comforting, the kind of recipes you keep coming back to again and again. Her Shrimp & Artichoke Bake is a staple in my house. Another one I love is her Smoked Strawberry & Mozzarella Crostini. Baked on the grill, it is a fun and different appetizer when having a cook out. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tunesday with George: Jonny Fritz

Jonny Fritz -- Dad Country
It's no secret I'm a big fan of Jonny Fritz (aka, The Artist Formally Known As Jonny Corndawg). And not just because he's my friend, or because he made me a badass belt, or because he keeps our dog decked out in one of his finely crafted leather collars at all times. I love Jonny's brand of country music, which his aptly named "Dad Country." His songwriting is excellent: witty and biting as hell, but also sad, dark, and at times tender and very personal.
This album was recorded at Jackson Browne's home studio in LA, and co-produced by Jonny and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes (and features several members of that band). So needless to say, the musicianship is excellent...but outshining any member of Dawes is the impeccable fiddle playing by Josh Hedley, and the pedal steel mastery of Spencer Cullum, Jr.
I'd say this new video for "Goodbye Summer" about sums up Jonny's personality in a nutshell:

and here's a nice live version of "Ain't It Your Birthday" from WNRN in Charlottesville:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hasta La Vista!

Well, friends, we are en route to our beach vacation in Puerto Rico. We will be spending our first night at the St. Regis in the rain forest. The rest of the time will be on the more remote island of Vieques. Until recently, this island was military base, so it is largely untouched. In 2010, The W opened a resort on the island, and they didn't hold back on the impressive style and design. 
Designed by Italy's Patricia Urquiola, the hotel is pretty much my dream - neutral base with huge pops of print and color. 
Bar & Restaurant
W Retreat & Spa Vieques Island in interior design  Category
Guest Rooms: 
W Retreat & Spa Vieques Island in interior design  Category

Yep, paradise. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Beach Bound

Mr. Fonty and I are off to Puerto Rico tomorrow for some R&R! Excited? Yes, ma'am. 
Pretty much the only thing I have packed is my Kindle (BTW, how cute are those Kindle and iPad covers below?). I've been reading The Light Between Oceans (which is great), and hope to finish it on the plane, so I can start The Interestings, a novel that follows a group of teens who meet at an artsy summer camp in the 70's. 
And while my large-and-in charge, (blindingly) white behind and I will most likely be parked under a palm tree in an old Forever 21 cover-up, here is what I would be wearing if I looked like this

beach bum

Missoni mare

Mara hoffman bikini

paradiso long caftan

Hermès hat

Sophie hulme

Lands End lands end

Volcom fedora

Icon eyewear

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tunesday with George: Steve Earle

Steve Earle -- The Low Highway

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cheers to the Weekend!

Beep, Beep!
Spring has officially launched me into full on popsicle madness. I had sort of blacked out forgotten how busy it is being a one woman small business. This weekend couldn't come soon enough. The Mr. and I will be at the Masters, so I can't say I will be relaxing, but at least I won't be washing dishes and renewing permits for a couple days. 
Hope you have a relaxing, stress-free weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Master Tee

Mr. Fonty and I are headed to Augusta, GA for The Masters this weekend! It's my first time to go, and I am boiling over with excitement. I feel a little guilty that I am going instead of my dad and brothers who are actual golf fans and would die to attend. But, I am sure I can live up to the challenge of having enough fun for all of us. 
What better excuse is there than the ultimate golf tournament to channel your inner prepster? I've planned easy clothes with comfortable walking shoes, because I do not want to be the complaining wife who can't walk herself to the famous egg salad sandwiches next hole. 
Happy Weekending!



Miss selfridge

J Crew j crew

Tod's leather slip on shoes

Clarks leather slip on shoes


Bracelet jewelry

Bracelet jewelry

Linda farrow luxe

Charlotte russe sunglasses

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tunesday With George

Charles Bradley -- Victim Of Love
The Screaming Eagle of Soul is back with another album! Charles Bradley's story is a truly heartwarming one, but I'm too lazy to try and tell it myself right now so you should look it up. And if he's coming to your town, don't you dare miss the live show...Athens folks, he's at The Georgia Theatre on 4/19!

Anders Osborne -- Three Free Amigos
I'm a big fan of everything New Orleans based, Swedish born artist Anders Osborne does. His latest release Three Free Amigos is only a 6 song EP, but it's quite enjoyable and showcase Anders' musical and songwriting diversity.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet Me At Midnight

In 1995, The movie Before Sunrise came out. My mom took my best friend and I to see it at the sketchy indie film theater in Palo Alto. Mrs. Cookie of course hated it, but Glynnie and I, at the ripe age of 13, were memorized. I'm not really sure why we loved it so much since the movie consists of 2 hours of dialogue, 90% of which probably went over our heads. Maybe all it took to woo a 13 year old girl in the mid 90's was 120 minutes of Ethan Hawke falling in love. 
Since the film came out, we've both watched it countless times, and it was only fitting that nearly 10 years later the sequel, Before Sunset, was released. Both of us had just returned home to Menlo Park after graduating college with literally no idea what to do with our lives (thankfully, after a few months we figured it out - LA for Glynnie and Nashville for me). We returned to the same sketchy indie film theater in Palo Alto to catch up with our friends Jesse & Celine. The sequel didn't disappoint, and the ending left you wondering if Jesse stayed in Paris or caught his flight back to the US. 
Well my friends, another 9 years later, we finally find out! The trailer for Before Midnight was just released. The movie comes out May 24th, and I may have to save a seat and a bucket of popcorn at the sketchy theater for my best bud.