Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot Fun In The Summertime

From our trip to New York
Holy Toledo, it is supposed to be 108 this weekend! At school in Arizona, this was a regular occurrence, but in Georgia, that is pretty unbearable weather. Mr. Fonty and I are headed up to the mountains for the weekend (well, I have to leave Saturday evening, but some mountain air is better than none).
When we went to New York last weekend, I had grand plans to bike across the Brooklyn Bridge. Dreams that were quickly dashed when I read about how intense this ride was between the ruthless bikers, honking cabs, and unaware tourists. But my love affair with bikes continues...
bike loveLunch delivery
Bicycle Ride
summer bike rides
Bike ride
Pinned Imagei like to ride my bicycle
i want to ride my bicycle
Bicycle Ride
I want to ride my bicycleI want to ride my bicycle
1943 Bike Riding

No matter what bike I get, I am definitely getting this wine holder! Greatest invention since happy hour. 
my kind of bike accessory
Wine Carrier Public Bikes $40

Stay cool this weekend and pedal fast!

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  1. I see the inner Melissa coming out after all your childhood years living on the McGarvey and never owning a bike. Go GIRL!!