Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Techie

This is sort of an extended "For the Boys" post. Truth is I forgot to post it yesterday, my apologies.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Ladies

Best friends are notoriously hard to shop for, well mine is anyways. Lots of pressure seeing that you are supposed to know this person better than anyone else. But I think the real key to buying a good gift for a friend is to get her something indulgent or silly that she may not buy for herself - or on the flip side, get something she can use all the time.
And of course, something that sparkles is always nice...

Tucker polo top
$306 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors boatneck sweater
$100 -

J Crew knit top
$120 -

3 1 Phillip Lim asymmetrical top
$385 -

$70 -

J Crew glitter bag
$50 -

J Crew clutch bag
$118 -

Madewell sparkle jewelry
$108 -

Swatch blue jewelry
$70 -

Madewell houndstooth scarve
$62 -

Ibiza Bangles S/5 Turquoise
$12 -

St. Tropez Bangle - Black/Pink
$16 -

Cartier jewelry

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Boys

Mr. Fonty is by far the hardest person in the world to shop for. He finds any gift obnoxious and refers to them as "stuff". Mr. Fonty's highest compliment about a gift is if he says, "That is very practical". For a gift buying fanatic, practical is about the last thing I like to buy. So, this year, I picked out gifts for other people's Misters.
(And, Mr. Fonty, if there is anything you see on here that you would actually like, just say the word "practical" and it shall be yours)

Steven alan
$188 -

Ray-Ban black sunglasses
£60 -

Jersey union suit
$60 -

Montague leather dopp kit
$110 -

Men's Slingshot Down Vest
$129 -

Gant Rugger "The Cordster" Blazer
$595 -

Gant Rugger "The Cordster" Blazer
$595 -

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend

In our house the boxer rules the roost. On some days, I think Ryman gets more love and praise than Mr. Fonty - most days actually. So when it comes to Christmas, our furry buddy can not be forgotten.
for your best friend
Medium Dog Bed - Gypset Zags
$105 -

Set of 4 Rope Ball Large Dog Toys
$20 -

Dog Treats

Mountain Dog Earth-Friendly Leash - Olive: Green Goods for Modern Dogs   These leashes are made from used climbing ropes.

Paw Doodles Krinklers Water Bottle Toy- Raccoon - -  My favorite dog toy! A used water bottle is placed in the body of the raccoon instead of stuffing. Endless hours of crunching and no stuffing to clean up!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: For Mama

My mom is pretty easy to shop for. She's happy with anything as long as she knows/thinks you didn't spend too much on it.

Maison Scotch navy blue jacket
$111 -

Elie Tahari wool blend coat
$550 -

Jack Rogers leather ballerina flat
$198 -

Sheep shoes

Tote hand bag
$60 -

Pauric Sweeney tote hand bag
$366 -

Nadri sparkle jewelry
$198 -

$32 -

Hammered earrings
$16 -

$155 -

Olivina Body Butter, Fig, 5.3 Ounce: Beauty (The Honeysuckle scent of this lotion is to die for!)
$20 -

Beach Towel LouLou
$125 -

Classic Kurta Dee
$85 -