Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Carry the Torch

London 1948

The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic Games in London are on Friday. I have been feeling a little out of touch with this year's Olympians. I've heard a bit about a couple swimmers and rumblings of the best US Gymnastics team since 1996, but other than that, I am in the dark! I really need to get in the spirit. Enter Gap. With their perfectly soft vintage reproduction Olympic tees
So, on Friday, while out Olympians will look like dorks at the Opening Ceremonies (I expected a lot more from you Ralph), I will be sitting pretty. (Speaking of Opening Ceremony outfits, can someone tell me why our country forces the athletes to wear embarrassing hats every single year?)
Tokyo 1964
The tees are cut into a super flattering shape and worn-in to perfection. 
Montreal '76
Paris 1924

LA Games
Go Team USA!

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