Friday, September 30, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

I realize this is the modern equivalent of inviting you over to my basement and forcing you to watch slides of my vacation - only I am not bribing you with deviled eggs and tomato aspic. But without further ado, here are the highlights from the best trip ever.

Istanbul, Turkey
Our Hotel: The Kempinski Istanbul
I cannot reccommend this hotel enough. The building and the views were so beautiful and the service was impeccable.
Local Turks being Turkish

There happened to be a firework display while we were eating dinner. It was a lovely welcome to the city.

After dinner we went and had drinks at The House Hotel. I fell in love with the decor. I wish I had gotten better pictures, but I was trying to play it cool in front of the chic clientele.
Wouldn't those tile floors be incredible in a kitchen with dark wood cabinets?!?
 The Turkish equivalent of food trucks.

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These loaded baked potatoes looked better in theory. It ended up having not a single item either of us recognized, except of course the ketchup drizzle on top.

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The waffles on the other hand, were pretty much the most amazing things ever. They had about 10 spreads you could pick from and then top it with your choice of fruits, nuts, and candies. I have a feeling this could be the new tart frozen yogurt craze!

Fresh pomegranate juice. It was so good, and I will never be able to drink a Pom again.
Aya Sophia

Istanbul and Greece have tons of stray dogs. They are so docile and make any domesticated animal look like a wild beast. Wouldn't you be a stray if this was your life?!
We went to a Galatasaray soccer game. The fans are literally electric. Sanford Stadium has some major competition.

The Grand Bazaar

Athens, Greece
The Acropolis

Theatre of Dionysus
Built in 325 BC (yes, BC, people), this Amphitheater still hosts events every Sunday.

The Erechtheum

Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos has everything a traveler can ask for: posh accomodations, beaches, casual beach bars, fine dining, and clubs that rage until well after the sun comes up.
Santa Marina Hotel

These baby goats were just chillin' in the bed of a truck.

Mykonos Town

Cocktails at one of Mykonos' famous clubs

Santorini, Greece
Santorini completely lived up to its hype. It truly is like no where else in the world. We stayed at Mystique, and it was wonderful. The staff must drink sunshine for breakfast, because they are so nice. I could go on and on about how wonderful it is from the views to the food. If you are going to Santorini, you MUST stay here. Be sure to visit Drasko at the hotel bar.
Our terrace. I know, so spoiled.

The life of a stray.
These two dogs were best buds. We saw them together all over the place our entire visit.

We went on a boat trip around Santorini.
We used the Sailing Santorini company, and they were incredible. The cruise lasts all day, and we were able to see the volcanoes, swim in a hot springs, snorkel, and get a tan. The staff is fun and share the history of the island. They serve an amazing lunch on board. All in all, it was a prefect day and a perfect end to our trip.
White Beach

This is the original Santorini civilization that was not ruined in the volcano eruption.

...and we did.

Thank you to Ansley Thomas and Currie & Co.Travels Unlimited!