Friday, October 12, 2012

In the City Limits

Mr. Fonty and I are headed to yet another festival this coming weekend. This one is Austin City Limits in one of my favorite cities, Austin, TX (duh). The Mr. and I put together that years before we met, we were at the same ACL watching the same bands while dating other people. Too bad my 22 year old self didn't know my husband was in the crowd next to me! 

But now, as it should be, 8 years later, we are going together. I am really excited to get back to Austin and see some good music and great friends. I am especially excited to visit my friend Andy's amazing wine, cheese & charcuterie shop, Henri's. I've never met a cheese I didn't like (the stinkier the better), and the Facebook and instagram pics have me drooling on a regular basis. Pumped to try the shop for myself. 
mmmm.. Henri's
One of the best parts of ACL is the night shows after the festival  The pickings are so good for Friday, that Mr. Fonty and I had a showdown on who to see. We decided to do the only logical thing - split up (and somewhere my mother is cringing because I am a terrible wife who abandons her husband.). I will be going to see Father John Misty at a venue I love, The Parish, while Mr. Fonty will be seeing The Whigs & Delta Spirit at The Belmont. In case you aren't familiar, Father John Misty is J. Tillman of Fleet Foxes and his own solo fame. His mellow jams have been a summer soundtrack at the Pop Shop
Father John Misty
Hope you've got something fun planned this weekend! And, please, wish me luck that my old lady body can handle all day music and excitement.

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