Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mudroom Complete (Almost)

It's so hard to share pictures of my own home, because it never feels "finished" - not to mention my amateur photo skills don't do a room justice, but after all the talk about our mudroom, I thought I should share the (almost) completed product. We still need to install the light fixture and get some window treatments and a bench cushion made, but other than that, put a fork in this baby! 
I'm so happy with how it turned out, and Mr. Fonty is thrilled, because he finally got a microwave (I have a serious phobia of appliances on the kitchen counter, so he's lived without one for 3 years) 
We have lots of storage now. I've got an easily accessible home for all of our appliances and extra pots and pans. 
Our wedding china is no longer sitting in boxes in the guest room. Anyone want to come over for a dinner party?!
The lower cabinets were supposed to have pull out drawers, but there was a calculation error on the part of the carpenter, so we adjusted. It isn't the end of the world, but I was a bit bummed. Another learning moment that I should have been there for every step of the install. (add the non-centered bench seat and hooks to that list as well. Whaaa?!)
  I found these horse hooks on eBay, and I love them
Mr. Fonty's beloved microwave (that, for the record, he has used once. All that complaining and he doesn't even zap daily.)
I learned how important it is to try things in the space before making decisions. I always rush into decisions, because I am too lazy to try it out - Very Bad! Originally our layout was totally different with the refrigerator where the pantry is. I moved the fridge when the tile was laid, and hated the way it looked as I walked in the room. A lucky happenstance though, the cabinet maker was super late in working on our project (it ran about 2 months past the deadline), so he was able to make adjustments. In the end, we got a great pantry out of it! Space planning and trying layout beforehand is so important. 

Thanks for letting me ramble on about this project!


  1. GORGEOUS!! And I'm wildly jealous of the beautiful and convenient storage...

  2. Looks fantastic, Scoots.. It has come a long way since August.. I don't see Ryman's bed though?? We are so happy for you, George and the four legged baby!!
    Love Dad