Monday, October 29, 2012


Congratulations to the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, World Series Champs!!

No, contrary to the title of this post, I am not writing about Lance Armstrong... ba dum dum ching!
This past weekend I decided to do a juice cleanse. It was a pretty on-the-fly decision. I saw the prospect of 3 mellow days with optional alcohol drinking - aka, I could avoid social situations that involved booze by sitting on the couch with my dog and my dvr. Does that make me sound like an alcoholic? I did a homemade version of the Blueprint Cleanse which by Saturday meant that I was drinking a lot of tea, choking down one green drink a day, and sipping the cashew milkshake whenever I got a hunger pang. Did I lose weight? Yes. Do I feel toxin free? Wouldn't go that far. It was a good jump start to better eating though. And after spending Sunday watching a Hoarders marathon and cleaning my closet, I am motivated to fit into all the itty bitty jeans I found hiding in boxes. Guess I learned nothing about purging from the hoarders...
Speaking of hoarding... Who doesn't love a good boot hoarder? Piperlime is having a 20% off (select) boot sale today. Enter BOOT at checkout. Here are some of my favorite boots from Piperlime


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