Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well, friends, it pains me to share this news with you...

Emily, the Bachelorette, and Jef with one F have officially split. I'll wait while you compose yourself. Better now? Ok... They confirmed the split to People Magazine, so you know it's real. There was widespread speculation about the split when Jef changed his Facebook profile pic and Emily tweeted "about dignity". I hope you are able to get through your day in light of this recent Bachelor tragedy. 
On a suprising note, Ashley, the annoying Bachelorette no one cared about, has set a wedding date and is broadcasting her "dream wedding" on ABC! Good for you, Ashley. Way to milk it. This match is so boring that US Weekly is actually running a poll to see if people will watch it. 
However, my interest is peaked, just hearing that they are writing their own vows. I'm really glad she is comparing herself to someone who was married for 72 days as inspiration: “I thought Kim Kardashian‘s wedding was gorgeous, but I want mine to be simpler,” she tells In Touch. “My dream is to be outside in a big open field, very down-to-earth.”
Since we're talking about weddings (and broken engagments)... I thought I would share our wedding. It was featured on the Etsy Wedding Blog. We sourced a ton of flair from Etsy, and I was so excited to be a part of their blog. Thanks Etsy folks!

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