Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Keeps The Home Fires Burning

Sorry for the spotty posts. I am getting back in the groove after a ridiculously fun (and ridiculously quick) trip to Puerto Rico. It was great spending time with old and new friends. And, they were able to turn me on my opinion of Apples to Apples - a game I used to snob out about. I'll share pics from the weekend on Friday. 
But.. since returning, life has barreled on, as it always does. Monday night, Mr. Fonty and I went to see my sweet angel sent from the music gods, Patty Griffin. It was a great show, and she played one of my favorite songs, "Mary". It is such a beautiful song about being a mother, and makes me think about my sweet mama every time I hear it. 
Then on Tuesday, we had friends over to sit by our outdoor fireplace and drink Peppermint Schnapp's & Hot Chocolate - a very grown up affair. We just finished up some work on our backyard, so it was nice to enjoy the green before winter turns it brown. 
Now that a chill is in the air, you better dress accordingly for fall fun - and hot chocolate drinking:


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