Monday, December 19, 2011

Wrap Up

I've been realy bad at following up with details from our weekend adventures, so here are the last 4 weeks in pictures.

Thanksgiving in Texas:
Alex the Turkey King / the only one who knew how to carve a turkey
Not that any of the meat lasted more than 3 minutes on the platter

Staring Contest
Ryman made a very dear friend in Mary West -- and her plate.


Is this not the cutest picture ever!? There's an ad campaign in here somewhere.

Football Heros

Girls' Gift Exchange Party
(I was terrible about taking pictures this night)

(Poor Photos of) Holiday Decorating:

New York for the Ho Ho Ho Down:
View from our room

It was Ryan's birthday. I made the mistake of ordering him 1 girly shot, and was delivered one for each of us.

Jonny at the Mercury Lounge Friday Night


Kalen of Ponderosa

Lake Ontario
Mr. Fonty went to Toronto on Friday to check out a new artist.
While Mr. Fonty was in Canada, I finally met this sweet doll, Hunter Connolly.
And the most exciting news of the month... MONTY GOT ENGAGED!
Congratulations, Katie & Jim! So happy for you.
And Happy Birthday, Monty. You've got lots to celebrate in your 30th year!!
C'mon, can they get any cuter!?!
So there you have it. It's been a busy few weeks. 

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