Thursday, December 15, 2011

Treats and Snoozin', Snoozin' and Treats

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On makes me so happy! Seriously, when I am need a little pick me up, I just watch the second installment of Marcel and find myself giggling. Put on your lentil hat and enjoy. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On:

"I love you.. come with me.. come, come" Hahaha. Dying Laughing!

Marcel The Shell with Shoes On 2 (This one is my favorite)

Have you all been watching Rock Center? I always forget about it until I see the commercials, and try to remind myself to tune in. I love how deadpan Brian Williams is - he is so deadpan it's hard to tell if he is joking or just a big, attractive nerd. Anyhow... Here is B-Dub interviewing Marcel's creators on Rock Center.

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