Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

I promise to never humiliate you like this again
Today is the birthday of the most special 4 legged guy in our house, RYMAN
Ryman is not just a dog in our family, he is our full time companion. He gets to spend every day either home with me or at New West welcoming visitors and helping move pallets of vinyl. After a day of hard labor, he enjoys tagging along and hanging out mixing drinks at Normal Bar or begging for scraps on the porches of Athens' eateries. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, Buddy-man. It has been a wonderful 3 years of spoiling you rotten.

I mean really, have you ever seen such a precious puppy!?!

Ryman still tries to sit in my lap like this, but an additional 70 pounds makes this a bit more awkward.

Buddy loves to fish
And chew stuff
And play keep away


The Porcupine Incident...

How did we get so high?


3 years lived, 76 lbs gained, 10 states conquered, 1 porcupine annihilated, and countless miles run, faces licked, and jowl rubs received. Thanks for making us a family.

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