Monday, December 19, 2011

Hey, Teach!

It's that time of year when the last school bell of 2011 will ring. Which also means it's time to buy gifts for teachers and aides. (Do schools still have aides?)
All over Pinterest are homemade gifts for teachers made out crayons, apples, and any other cheese-y teacher related item Susie-Homemaker-Blog can come up with. But as the daughter of a teacher, I can safely say no grown woman - let alone one who spends all day with your entitled child - wants a monogram of her last name in Crayola. When creating something teacher related, ask yourself, would I want these crocheted apple coasters in my house? Probably not.
I realize we are in a recession, and people are trying to save money. So if all you have is $5, I think putting that towards a Starbucks  gift card will be far more appreciated than this:

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Poor Ms. Ina
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Something tells me she would have preferred a Birkin.
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This could only be cheesier if each adjective came off the letters of Mrs. Cooper's name.
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Scotch Tape! You shouldn't have!
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A plain frame is so boring. Good thing you added that extra touch to ensure it matches my home decor
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Don't forget your computer teacher
And my personal favorite. Because every teacher wants an Elmer's Glue cake. Attention Moms, the glue is provided by the school for free.
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Whoever said the best gifts are handmade from the heart was obviously a woman with bad taste and too much time on her hands.

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  1. I totally agree! The room moms did an ornament with all the student's names AND $75 Visa gift cards from all the families. Money is always the way to go - that way they can buy their own wine to get over teaching our kids every day!