Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide: For ME!

I realized I forgot to submit MY Christmas list. (This is the actual list I submitted to my mom and the Mister, so that is why it includes plain white, long-sleeved shirts.) I hope you have this recorded to memory, Mr. Fonty... I think it is very practical. See Below:

Sweaters: When I pulled out my sweaters this winter I realized they were all either bally, stained, or cropped to embarrassing heights, so I really want a bunch of cozy, chunky sweaters.
Wedges: None of my closed toe shoes are wedges, and I need something I can stand in for hours at a show - Just trying to extend our whine-free QT, Mr. Fonty.
Bike: I've been talking about this since I moved to Athens. I've earned it.
Jacket: Maybe not the most glamorous choice, but I need something super warm and rugged for time at the farm, dog park, etc. and the zipper on my Costco jacket broke.
Kindle Fire: Totally a want and not a need. I am a little fearful I will stop reading books (one of my favorite things) if I have the option to watch a movie/tv (my actual favorite thing)
West Elm Accessories: I got the blanket for Mrs. Fonty, and have been coveting it for our chilly basement ever since. And how cute is the owl? I think he would look great in our grey accented living room.
Shuffle: I actually don't really want this anymore. I started using spotify on my iPhone for jogs and it is fabulous.
Moccasins: I have about 15 pairs of moccasins, guilty pleasure.

Melissa Christmas

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