Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Sales!

I'm starting weekly post - Friday Sales. I love me some sales, so every Friday I am going to feature the best sales & deals of the week - and make them into an outfit if possible.
(and you may have noticed, FontyFest has ads now. Don't be afraid to click through, they will not taint your computer.)
I've had my eye on many of these items for months, and they have finally gone on sale!
If I go to Heery's to try on the Tibi shoes one more time, they are going to charge me admission. (Size 6, Santa!)


See by Chloe crepe dress
$375 -

See by Chloe cream cardigan
$184 -

TopShop short coat
$150 -

TIBI mary jane leather shoes
$305 -

Satchel bag
$150 -

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