Friday, December 9, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps

Wishing for a White Christmas
Mr. Fonty and I are headed to the Big Apple today! Did you hear that?! THE BIG APPLE! At Christmas time!
Along with his little brother and honorary little brother, Mr. Fonty is putting on a concert at the Gramercy Theater (Tickets Still Available). We will be rocking out to Buxton, Futurebirds, Ponderosa, and Jonny Corndawg. All Fonty family favorites.

We will only be taking van-cabs in the hopes of being on Cash Cab. with my ridiculous pop culture knowledge and Mr. Fonty's absurd photographic memory and love of nature shows, we would be UNSTOPPABLE!!

Picture me rollin' Cash Cab style
I have of course filled up every available second - but am still willing to take recommendations (and if anyone is traveling to NYC, I have the ultimate insider's guide from former New Yorker, Katie K.)

We are staying at the Ace Hotel, and I plan on people-watching in their perfectly eclectic lobby whilst drinking fabulous cocktails that cost more than my cleaning lady. Tonight, we have a very late (as in so late it is usually when I am tucked in bed and have been in my pj's for at least 5 hours) dinner reservation at The Dutch (per my brother's recommendation).
Ace Hotel -- Lobby -- New York City
Ace Hotel
Saturday morning we are visiting The New Museum which I saw on Cup of Jo. It features a 102-foot slide, yep, SOLD!

My very best friend in the whole wide world, Glynnie, just happens to be in town from LA for the weekend, so when the boys break off to do load-in,sound check, and all those things that sound more fun and glamorous than they are, we will be traipsing around the city Christmas shopping and eating everything delicious the city has to offer. Glynn is the hippest and knows all the cool NYC spots too, so I feel I will be very well taken care of.

The New Museum Slide through 4 stories
I'm very interested in dining at Freeman's on Saturday. Any place that is described by KK as: "It's at the end of an alley in the LES, but don't be scared, this place is legit". Is okay with me!

Also per Katie's recommendation (and everyone else who has taste buds) I am really hoping to make it to Momofuku Milk Bar. I might even be able to convince Mr. Fonty seeing that David Chang has been on Treme. (Cookie, I promise to bring you some compost cookies)
Glynnie and I have a knack for getting into trouble together, especially when in New York. We once woke up in Patrick Bateman's apartment. True story. I hope this weekend is no different...

Best Buds NYC circa 2005
When I wore tube tops and glynn wore pale pink and we both drank Rose - at noon.

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  1. Sounds like a GLORIOUS weekend! So wish we could join yall!! Got your Xmas card and it is SO adorable! Can't wait to see you again at New Year's...this time we'll share in some hot totties and get silly :)