Monday, June 25, 2012

Try To Keep Up

This year is flying by. Mr. Fonty and I are in the midst of a quick trip to New York. Since I have been a bad blogger, I thought I would be even more boring and unload a month worth of Instagram on you. Enjoy.

We went to Sea Island for Memorial day and our anniversary

This is how Ryman chose to ride in the car

Spoiled dog?

Anniversary Waffle House
 The Pop Shop got a little renovation

And we had a lot of really cute customers, this one being the cutest!

I made a gazillion popsicles for AthFest

 And was visited by more cute customers....

Please note the outfit on my favorite boy ever - confederate soldier hat, Superman T, one Spiderman glove and a bedazzed satchel. I want to take him home!

Pops at the Caledonia Day Party
  Sunday morning after a very busy AthFest week, Mr. Fonty and I headed to NYC for a couple days
This is what brunch parking looks like in New York
Bubby's.  yum
 We came in town for Robert Ellis' show in Central Park. It was awesome
Robert Ellis

diamond rugs

alabama shakes
 The highlight of the day/month/year was standing next to David Byrne backstage. I played it as cool as I could. 
central park
 Drinks in the city
 and some over ordering at The Meatball Shop. 

It's been a whirlwind. We're in New York until Tuesday evening, so the Bachelorette post will be late this week. Somehow I don't see myself winning a battle to stay in to watch ABC tomorrow.

Happy Travels!

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