Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tunesday With George: Howlin' Wolf

The Tunesday staff is currently on a flight home from a music-(and summer heat)-filled weekend in Houston, TX. 
The weekend began Friday night with a trip to The Juice Box, where I saw what might be my last Astros game while they still play real baseball in the National League. 
Saturday afternoon, we went over to Cactus for an in-store performance by Thirty Tigers artist John Fullbright. This Oklahoma singer-songwriter was a great way to kick off the tunes for the weekend. 
Later that night, Ponderosa played a 2.5 hour show at a swanky new spot called Hotel Sorella. The atmosphere and crowd were interesting to say the least, but a good time nonetheless. 
Sunday it was time for Free Press Summer Fest, where we had four bands playing: Grandfather Child, Wild Moccasins, Robert Ellis and Ponderosa. It was a whirlwind day, and extremely hot, but very successful for our bands. 
Wild Moccasins
Wild Moccasins

By the time Ponderosa finished mid-afternoon, I only had enough steam left to catch Willie Nelson's set before heading home. 
Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis & The Boys

This week's pick is a throwback to 1971: Howlin' Wolf -- The Howlin' Wolf London Sessions This album was one of the first ever "super session" blues albums, which was organized by Norman Dayron of Chess Records. This excellent blues record pairs Howlin' Wolf with the likes of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, along Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones.

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