Friday, June 15, 2012

I Was Tardy For The Wedding

Did you watch Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding? OMG. It was ridiculous. (And if I have to explain this show to you, you shouldn't be reading this blog. I apologize for her ignorance, Bravo) I only caught the second half hour (and that was plenty, but I am fairly sure I will get sucked into a weekend marathon) 
Kim's wedding is the living example of the old adage "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap". Kim had 3 dress changes, and you have to see her dresses to believe them.
Her "conservative" ceremony gown:
It's so fitting she wore white

Her comfortable party dress - complete with a "K" dangling from each shoulder. 
Keeping it Klassy, Kim.
And last, but certainly not least, Kim's third and final outfit, a white jumpsuit that like her gift to Kroy, looked painted on her body - and not in a flattering way.

Kim chose an understated veil and duck lips to accessorize her gowns.

And I really have no idea how this news missed me! At the end of the show, K&K (wow another tacky K&K wedding this year. Hadn't even put that together) end the show to "go make more babies". I cringed thinking about that poor child, his idiot parents, and future broken home. Sadly, it looks like the couple was successful, and are in fact expecting another baby. And, obviously she is working on a baby clothing line...

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  1. This show is so bad it's good - ps, the first dress cost like $100k. She bought it used because she had to have it and I'm sure paid nearly as much for it!