Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Splurge vs. Steal: SXSW

SXSW gives the music go-er many fashion hurdles. The day usually begins around 11 am (if not earlier) and doesn't end until at least 1 am. In between is a lot of walking, sunshine, and beer drinking, and in my experience, there is never an opportunity to run home for an outfit change or to apply some blister blocker. So dressing appropriately is of the utmost importance.
The most important tip is to wear comfortable shoes. I don't understand the girls who are able to hobble walk around in 5 inch heels all day. This season's ankle booties are the perfect answer to staying stylish, while being foot-conscious. Another issue is the heat which quickly turns to cold once the sun goes down. Packing a light sweater that easily fits into your bag without being bulky or heavy, is a must. And while we're talking about bags... a cross body bag will be your best friend. It keeps your shoulders from aching and allows you to fill your purse with all sorts of free cds and swag.


J Crew long sleeve top
$50 -

Madewell striped top
$45 -

Rag bone silk top
$325 -

Alexander Wang striped top
$547 -

R2 round toe boots
$40 -

Etoile Isabel Marant bootie boots
$580 -

Forever 21 long strap handbag
$16 -

ChloƩ mini handbag
$665 -

Old Navy round frame sunglasses
$9.94 -

Miu Miu logo sunglasses
$390 -

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