Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Musings

Well, I didn't quite get to all my projects this weekend. I did invent some new ones though - reorganizing my whole closet with new slim hangers, so I still feel pretty productive.

I never shared pics from our LA trip, so without further ado:
Hiking Runyon Canyon

Breakfast at Jack & Jill

Being tourists

 Beverly in Beverly Hills

Oh, yes, we did get a stars map.

Lunch in Malibu

An Essex bag enjoying lovely cocktails at Eveleigh which is my new favorite restaurant/bar
Ice Cream Sandwich at Eveleight

It was such a fun trip! Thanks, SB and Glynnie for being the best hostesses ever!

This weekend I did make good on my cooking ventures. I used a really smokey venison sausage in the Jambalaya, and it was too overpowering for me, but the mister loved it. Since I didn't eat much dinner, I had plenty of room for the Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding. This recipe is so good and easy!

On a completely unrelated note, can someone tell me who these One Direction kids are? Looks like a British N'Sync...? I am watching the Today show and there are about 100,000 girls screaming, and I have never even heard of these guys. Kids these days.

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