Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Big George!

Big George and his adoring fans
Today is the birthday of my wonderful father in law, George!
When people get married, the old line, "You are not just marrying your husband, you're marrying his whole family", is often thrown around as a cautionary tale. But when I married Mr. Fonty, this was said to me in a "" sort of way. I have the greatest in-laws, and at the helm of this family (or at least we all let him think he's wearing the pants, and not Celia) is Big George.
You won't meet a more fun-loving guy, who becomes best friends with every one he meets. Whether it's a young band, a record store in need, or a new start up Popsicle shop, Big George selflessly supports everyone around him. Big G, you make me so proud to be a Fonty! We're toasting a Red Bull to you today.


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