Friday, January 20, 2012

You'll Always Be A Peach To Me, Punty!

Atlanta, and the state of Georgia as a whole, is losing one of its finest residents to the Big Apple. My dear friend, Hadley, has taken a job with MTV, and is about to become a Yankee. Punty, you will be missed!

Not many girls get a send-off flyer like this puppy:
So, with a heavy heart, I will be saying Sayonara to Hadley this weekend. Thankfully, her hysterical sense of humor translates to email and New York is not a bad place to visit.

In honor of Hadley's move, I picked the perfect piece of real estate for Ms. Puntereri. J. Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyon's, Park Slope home is on the market - after she left her husband for a lesbian lover, not even Nora Roberts could write this stuff! For a cool $3.5 mil, this could be yours. And, Hads, I like my guest beds tucked tightly with hospital corners. Thanks.
Home Sweet Punty Home



The Blog World's favorite nursery

Same room all growed up

One last try - HADLEY DON'T GO!

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  1. I already miss you melcatfonty2.0!