Thursday, January 26, 2012

In My Shopping Bag

(As usual) I have been doing a lot some shopping lately. I've picked up some classic pieces that I have to pass along.
I found the perfect winter sweater at Gap. It has a cowl neck and great texture, making it stylish, flattering, and above all so soft and cozy. Mr. Fonty can attest, I have worn this ever day since I got it. (I am in fact, wearing it now!)  It looks pretty well sold out online, so you may have to search the racks at your local Gap.

Thanks to a really attractive 20 lbs I have gained in the last couple years, I have a large chest. I love button downs, but have a hard time finding shirts that don't gape in the front. I'm not sure what J. Crew did with their latest round of relaxed button downs, but I think they have realigned the snaps to get rid of the gap!
I bought every style of Madewell chambray shirt, and none of them fit, so I was thrilled when I gave the J. Crew top a whirl - especially since I normally have zero luck with the fit of J. Crew's tops and bottoms. This Chambray Shirt is a new uniform piece in my closet.

Keeper chambray shirt
I realize this next item is super boring, but the basics can be that way. My mom got me a slew of Gap's (I know, I love the Gap) Favorite Long Sleeve Tees for Christmas. They are so soft and wash really well. I love Tissue T's, but sometimes a girl actually needs some warmth from her wardrobe. At $14.50, these shirts are perfect for stocking up for winter.   

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