Thursday, January 12, 2012

TV Dinner

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I am a TV junkie. I will admit it. When Mr. Fonty and I were doing our pre-marital counseling for the church, we each filled out a questionnaire. Anything that we did not agree on or answered wrong, we had to discuss. Most of the questions dealt with how your families get along, children, religion, the big stuff. One of the questions (I think it fell in the addiction/abuse category) went something like this: "My future spouse spends too much time watching television". My betrothed checked STRONGLY AGREE! Well, because he checked the red flag box, we had to discuss this with the priest. You can imagine my embarrassment as I have to explain to a man who has taken a vow of poverty that watching the Real Housewives is my form of relaxation. Somehow we have managed to stay married despite my nasty addiction. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and it is so wonderful! There were a ton of fall shows I hadn't gotten into, but kept hearing great things about. (I know, how did something escape me?! A girl's DVR only has so much space.) I downloaded 2 shows for some recent travel and, they have made the time fly by.

The Grantham Gals
Downton Abbey
The first show is Downton Abbey (Sundays on PBS). The second season just premiered on PBS last Sunday (You can find it under Masterpiece Theater for a DVR search). Downton Abbey follows the Grantham family in their English country manor and the staff that keeps the estate running. The show begins with the only heir to Downton dying on the Titanic (I know, amazing, right?). The family must find a way to keep the home and Lady Grantham's personal fortune in the family. All the while the basement is a'buzzing with servant activities. The storyline is as great as the set and costume designs. You really must watch it. Buy the first season Here. 
So pensive, Emily
ABC's Revenge

The second is Revenge (ABC, Wednesdays at 10 pm). Revenge takes place in the Hamptons, and is filled with lots of twists, turns, and intrigue. Brothers and Sisters' Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne who is out to avenge her father's false imprisonment by the Hamptons elite. One by one she takes them down while maintaining perfect posture. You can watch full episodes HERE.

Other shows I am wild about (and are actually male-friendly) are Homeland, Walking Dead, and Damages. (Damages is my favorite show of all time. HOOKED!)

Use this cold weather to curl up on the couch with the first season of any of these great shows. And don't let your priest make you feel guilty.

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  1. Lol, I bet my husband would check the same thing! I too, watch reality TV, it's my guilty pleasure. I love watching Jersey Shore now and before it was The Secret Life of an American Teenager, the Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy. However I am usually never home when my shows come on, since I work late at DISH. So my DVR is a life saver! Recently DISH introduced the Hopper. This DVR has the biggest recording space available. So no more worrying about space to store my shows and I no longer have to worry about my husband deleting my shows to make room for the little bit of ones he has. When I get this DVR, we will have DVR functions in every room of the house, I can’t wait!