Monday, January 9, 2012

Seminole Plantation

Seminole Plantation
What a weekend we had! We were in south Georgia at the magical Seminole Plantation. We did nothing but eat, drink, and laugh for 3 days straight. It was such a fun group of new and old friends. I am having serious withdrawls being home. Thank you, Sarah Brooks & Jack!

Our amazing hosts

Chili Dinner Friday Night

Wouldn't be a weekend away without shotgunning beers
While the guys went on a morning hunt, we went into Thomasville.
This was the cutest - and most delicious - cheese chop, Sweet Grass Dairy
Sweet Bentley fell asleep on the way home

Then we met up with the guys and had lunch by the lake


Skeet Shooting to prepare for the big hunts
Baby Bear and Jack

The Girls


Mr. Fonty
Bird Dogs!

Luke is a retriever in training, and the CUTEST puppy ever!

Happy Birthday, Hollis!


 Thank you for an unforgettable weekend!

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