Thursday, January 10, 2013

Old School

Schoolhouse Electric Co.

I talked here about how we needed some new pendants and sconces in our house. There were a lot of limitations on the pendant, but I finally found a winner (well, I think I did, I am still waiting for them to ship). In my search, I found Schoolhouse Electric, a company out of Portland.  Their lighting looks like something you'd find in an old schoolhouse (guess we know how they got that name). It is modern yet retro, unique, and most importantly affordable!
SEC Hero Image 4
Schoolhouse Electric sells their fixtures and shades separately, so you can mix and match. For every fixture, you have about 20 options for the shade. It is so genius.  
Here's a little sample of some of my favorites:

Factory Satellite 2
How gorg is the turquoise?

This was the only fixture with our dimensions. I chose to pair it with a curvier shade

These are so smart, because the cutout gives you up-light too
Wall Sconces
This is what I chose for the hallway in our basement. It is pretty mod for me, but the basement is George's domain, so I think it will work in his manlier environment. I gave myself extra kudos when it was on Million Dollar Decorators.
Flushmounts & Semi-Flushmounts (yes, they even have moderately attractive flushmounts)
This fixture is very small, but can be made in a larger format
This pretty baby is coming to our house too. Don't have a place for it yet, but we have several rooms that need light fixtures, so I figured while I was paying shipping may as well make it worth my while.
In addition to lighting, Schoolhouse Electric has expanded its offerings to lamps, furniture, and home decor. 
Katie and I are off to Atlanta's famous Scott's Antique Market today. Hopefully we find some goodies!

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  1. I want to go to Scott's with ya'll next time! Love the sconces your doing in the hall. I've been coveting them ever since I saw this.