Monday, September 17, 2012

Working For The Weekday

This past week, I joined Mr. Fonty in Nashville for the Americana Music Conference (which I am sure Fonty will do a wrap up of tomorrow) and to bid 'Bon Voyage' to one of my most favorite people who is moving to Birmingham. Becca B, I think this move is going to be so amazing for you! I couldn't be more proud at how (even more) important you are now. Can't wait to visit you in your new digs. 
While in Nashville, we went to an event for The Belcourt at Imogene+Willie, a denim destination in Nashville's 12 South neighborhood. Jeans were scooped up and tailored to order by many of my girlfriends. With their higher rise and deep indigo color, the jeans are so flattering, and the ladies looked smashing. 
The company was created by Kentuckian husband and wife team - Carrie and Matt Eddmenson. The store is styled so perfectly, it feels like your really hip best friend's house. Once you go in, you will never want to leave. 
Imogene + Willie has been blowing up, including working on a collaboration men's line for J.Crew. Their BLOG is quite fabulous too. 

On a sadder note, Saturday morning, I found out that the world lost a precious person. My friend Sarah Leaf was tragically struck by a truck while riding her bike in Newport Beach. Leafie, you were such a funny girl. Every day you came home to our tiny box of a room from class or a night out, you had a ridiculous story that could only happen to you. I could always tell when you had a spat with your boyfriend, because Cher's "Strong Enough" would be blasting on repeat for at least a week. I think you are the only straight woman under 50 who would jam Cher with such conviction. I'm still in complete shock at this horrible tragedy, and my heart goes out to your family and all the friends who loved you so much. 

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  1. Still in shock about little Leaf too! I keep thinking of her red Red Robin pants and can't help but smile. Lots of love, glad we all get to see each other soon.