Monday, September 10, 2012

Sarah's Home Sweet Home

A few years ago, I stumbled upon Sarah's House on the DIY Network. I promptly wasted an entire Saturday watching a complete marathon.
Sarah Richardson is the Canadian designer behind  Sarah's House. Along with her partner in design, Tommy Smythe (who I'm obsessed with), Sarah buys a house and completely renovates it top to bottom. HGTV picked up the series last year, so be on the look out.
Not only are they hilarious, but Sarah and Tommy share great tips on using new pieces - from high end (Sarah has her own line) to Ikea, antiques, and reviving junk with new upholstery and paint. It's fun to watch her blow her budget - mainly because it makes me feel better about my own projects. If you go to the HGTV site, Sarah sources all the products she uses in her homes.
This last Saturday, I was shocked to see that I managed to miss an entire season of the latest home! I caught the 2 last episodes, and am on the hunt for episodes of the other rooms. This go-around, Sarah takes it to the suburbs to upgrade a builder basic home, and while it is not my favorite Sarah design, anything she does is still heads and shoulders about the rest. 
Bumped Up Builder Grade Exterior:

Living Room

Master Bath:

Family Room Off Kitchen

If this has wet your appetite for more Sarah & Tommy, be on the look out for their show Design Inc. on DIY Network, and the other homes they have worked on together:

Sarah's Summer House: 

Sarah's Cottage:

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