Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sleepwalking In The Moonlinght

I am a complete NPR addict. When I used to drive all the time for work, the first thing I would do when I arrived in a new city was search the top of the dial for those familiar voices, my road warrior friends. Now that I am in The Pop Shop all the time, I stream my news. Of all the programs, my very favorite is This American Life. I want Ira Glass to be my best friend and read my bedtime stories. Hey best bud: 

Which makes me even more excited about this upcoming movie! Sleepwalk With Me was co-produced and co-written by my best bud, Ira, with Mike Birbiglia. The Sundance darling is about a stand-up comic (Birbiglia) who proposes to his girlfriend (Can't Hardly Wait's Lauren Ambrose), and then gets cold feet which exposes itself in his sleepwalking. It looks hilarious - and is the only way I can handle stand-up without getting nervous secondhand embarrassment. 
Here is the hysterical trailer: 

I'm hoping it comes to Cine, so I can do Dinner+Movie at The National. I think this might be a movie Mr. Fonty and I can agree on - and we can always agree on dinner at The National. 

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