Friday, September 28, 2012

A Very Monty Marriage

I am in Northern California for the wedding my favorite little bundle of joy, Katie Ratto ("Monty"), to the hilarious Jim Meade. 

For every hangover I had in college, the night before there was a Monty beside me teetering in heels so she could top out at 5'0", drinking a Vodka-LaLa, and making me laugh until I fell off my bar stool at Dirtbags. (This scene happened more times a week than the parents paying our tuition would like to know...) 
Mont, I couldn't imagine UofA without you, and I am so happy you've met the man you couldn't imagine the rest of your life without.  I am so excited to celebrate the next chapter in your life. Jim is your perfect match, and I can't wait for our families to make memories (and nurse hangovers) together for the years to come. 
A little wedding gift for you, Mont, a trip down memory lane. We sure wore a lot of costumes.
I love people who make me look tall - especially when wearing sport-tights
Ahhh... the night Katie dressed me up as a turkey. Shake Your Tail Feathers!
Certain we are singing along to something - focusing with 2 eyes is obviously too much for Monty

Stay tuned for the very first FontyFest GIVEAWAY on Monday!

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