Friday, May 18, 2012

Working For The Weekend

At 1:30 today I will be en route to JACKSON! Sweet Tetons, I can't wait to meet you. Thank you for all the suggestions. We will definitely have a full calendar now!

I got a comment from "Anonymous" about my Bachelor recap in which I was called "an idiot" for not knowing the show was rigged. The commenter said I have no right to judge an edited version of reality television. Well, Anonymous, I realize you don't agree with my "stupid opinion", but if someone signs up for the Bachelor, it is no secret they will be edited to look like a dork - whether this is because only fame-seeking dorks sign up for reality television or it's the editing, remains to be seen. Chicken or the egg...? No one goes on The Bachelor to find love - see, Anonymous, I do realize "how fake reality tv is". When someone goes on 'reality' television, whether they are coerced by the producers to walk in dancing to a boom box in a bright green shirt or not, they open themselves up to public opinion. If I put up videos of myself singing "Unbreak My Heart" into a webcam on YouTube, you can bet I would expect some giggles. But, then again, I "have no life and blog about my stupid opinion", so I am not that creative. I appreciate your opinion, Anonymous, but I will continue to make fun of The Bachelor, not because I have no life or I am a total jerk, but because these guys are hilarious without even trying - or the editing deserves an Emmy. And if I hurt their feelings in the process, well I apologize, but I am only rehashing things they actually did on.national.television.

Next week's recap will be a day delayed while I travel back from my mountain paradise.


  1. who trolls the blogasphere looking for blogs that they can post nasty comments on? And who cares about the Bachelor that much?! I had someone tell me once that a picture that included a doll's bathing suit looked like children's underwear and they were going to report me for child porn!

    1. Haha. I always pegged you for a pervert.

  2. People AMAZE me. That comment was kind of awesome. It sounds like one of the bachelor rejects is realllly hurt by your accurate judgment of these reality tv losers. And why do people think that because someone is "edited" or "told to act" a certain way that makes them any less awful? I can't wait to see this season's disaster of a proposal (or two) and the relationship that falls apart following the show.