Thursday, May 3, 2012

Budget Beauty

That is an aluminum light fixture from Ikea for under $30.
The May issue of Country Living is all about budget decorating, which happens to be my favorite kind. I love getting a good steal or recreating a look on a dime. 
 The magazine featured what is pretty much my ideal aesthetic in a teeny tiny 600 square foot cabin. It wasn't just the ridiculously cute boxers that had me swooning. 
The home belongs to Brooke Hanson, the creative director at Restoration Hardware, and her photographer husband, Ian. It was so neat to see someone who had access to oodles of design goods be creative with her space and her budget.

Yeah, someday Mr. Fonty and I will be this adorable and tour the Pacific Northwest in our vintage VW van with our sweet boxer pups... someday.
Ryman would love to be playing with these guys


  1. Love that house and love those dogs!

  2. does Jannie!