Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tunesday With George: Double Play

The Wandering -- Go On Now, You Can't Stay Here 
The Wandering is a brand new Memphis "supergroup", of sorts, assembled by North Mississippi Allstars' front man (and my favorite living guitarist), Luther Dickinson. But don't expect to hear Luther's voice anywhere on the album, as the rest of the lineup consists of a musically, vocally, and visually stunning group of females: Amy Lavere, Valerie June, Shannon McNally and Sharde Thomas. These Southern sirens trade vocals throughout the album, a collection of blues/gospel/country standards. Check them out on their upcoming May tour (probably the only one they will ever do), you don't want to miss it...  

 Reptar -- Body Faucet 
With their full length debut, Body Faucet, Athens-based Reptar more than lives up to their lively and energetic live show, which has been garnering a large following over the last couple of years, and peaked the interest of Vagrant Records, who signed them and is released the album last week. Reptar seems poised for big things, and if you like MGMT's first album, then this band/album are right up your alley.

(and for the record, an over-served Mrs. Fonty told the Mister to "go back stage and sign these guys" several years ago. I know a good thing when I hear it...)

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