Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to the 90's, Mr. Banks!

NPR has a tumblr page with the 48 pictures that perfectly capture the 90's. It is hysterical!
Here are some of my favorites:

48 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The ’90s

Somewhere in the Cattaneo family photo albums, there is a picture of our entire family clad in neon Hammer pants. It's my life's goal to track it down.
These gadgets:
I think my cooler-half best friend, Glynn had everyone of these. I know for a fact she had the clock radio.

Urkel gliding past Will Smith and Reggie Miller during the 1991 Rock n' Jock basketball game:
Urkel with Will Smith and Reggie Miller at MTV's Rock n' Jock game. This could only be better if Dan Cortese and Bill Bellemy were playing "D".

The cast of Saved By The Bell's "No Hope With Dope" PSA:
Such a classic episode. And no girl can say she didn't want to wear her floral overalls with one shoulder unclasped like Kelly Kapowski.

Early '90s Leo: Ryan Gosling with long blonde hair in BOP Magazine:
These are heartthrobs in the magazine dedicated to heartthrobs.

Lilith Fair: The old Destiny's Child:
This is girl power ruling the airwaves. Beyonce, you've come a long way. 


  1. We were just talking the other day about pager codes!
    143-267 (i heart you-Ans:)

  2. I looked at all of these and almost peed my pants laughing! Especially the kid with the neon laser lights behind him...classic!

  3. The above comment was Paige btw, And I just got your Welcome to the 90s Mr. Banks, Althought I think it was pronounced "Bonks" You crack me up!