Monday, February 6, 2012

So Clutch

Product Image 3

This is a post I am most excited about!
My best friend, Glynn, recently launched ESSEX, a line of custom clutches. They are hand-made in LA of Italian lamb and calf leather. They are so buttery soft.

Product Image 2

"What makes them custom?", you ask. Well, when you order an ESSEX clutch, you pick the leather, lining, and zipper colors. The possibilities are endless!

The bags measures 9.5" x 6" x .5"
AKA: Perfect for a night out and to throw in your purse for brunch the next morning.

Product Image 1
Leathers awaiting their destiny
"Toot, Toot" - that's me tooting my own horn.
The green shade was inspired by yours truly, and my passion for all things vert.
Embossed Zippers
Isn't every detail impeccable?!? I am getting several bags to fulfill all my color combination desires. Be sure to share your ESSEX bag of choice when you order one! My first lovely is:
Bluebreak Leather / Emerald Lining / Highlighter Zipper
To celebrate their launch, ESSEX has had some great promotions. Don't miss any discounts - Follow on Twitter and Friend them on Facebook.
So proud of you, Glynnie!!

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