Friday, February 10, 2012


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I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day - actually I should rephrase that - Ever since Valentine's Day stopped being celebrated with a decorated shoebox filled with p-unny cards and conversation hearts, I have had no interest in it. Mr. Fonty did not believe me when I told him this, and insisted he do something in fear that he would be in the doghouse if he didn't. I am way to embarrassed to be seen in public on Valentine's Day, so we have a tradition where Mr. Fonty will cook me dinner - a major feat for him that looks more like he is doing a science experiment than making a casserole. It's the perfect way to celebrate. *Note: Did anyone watch 30 Rock this week, I will give this one to Tish, I saw a lot of myself in Liz Lemon this episode.

And while we won't be doing gifts, I know most normal couples do, so here are some of my ideas.

Growing up, we would always get a new book with a basket full of Heart Shaped Scotchmallows from See's. It is one of my favorite family traditions. And while my taste has evolved from  the Baby Sitters Club and RL Stein, I am still an avid reader who thinks a good book is always the best gift.
For Him: The Sisters Brothers has been described as a Coen Brothers film in novel form. This is one I plan to steal from Mr. Fonty when he is finished.
For Him: I am reading Unbroken right now, and can't put it down. For me to say that about a non-fiction book set during WWII where a good portion of the novel takes place with soldiers adrift at sea, you can imagine how well written this book must be. It is fantastic.
For Her: My love for Penny Vincenzi is no secret. She has a new book out, Another Woman. It sounds as trashy as all the rest, and I can't wait to read it. Gentlemen, this book would go very well with a beach trip for your lady.
For Her: Maybe I am being sexist here suggesting a cookbook for the gals, but Breakfast Comforts is a great wrap up of fantastic breakfast recipes.

For Him & Her: Heifer international is one of my favorite gift-that-keeps-on-giving charities. They provide animals to people in impoverished countries. The animals give people a chance to change their life and create a lasting income. For Valentine's, why not give your Honey a Flock of Honey Bees?! The honey bees give people from Uganda to El Salvador a source of income from their wax, honey, and pollen. Read more about Heifer International.

For Her: These dishes from West Elm are so sweet. They are sold out online, but the stores still have them in stock - and are probably on sale by now (bonus!).

For Her: The gift every girl wants this holiday, an Essex Bag. Make it fit the holiday by designing it in Leather - Red / Lining - Hotpink / Zipper - Fuschia

For Him & Her: The couple that cooks together, stays together. Give each other cooking classes from Viking. Visit the Viking Cooking Classes website to find a location near you. Chop, dice, and sear your way to love.
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Happy Valentine's Day!

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