Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I'm Reading: Penny Vincenzi - The Spoils of Time Trilogy

Mr. Fonty's mom got me HOOKED on the author Penny Vincenzi last summer. I read 5 books nearly back to back in a month. These books were meant to be read while sitting poolside, sipping something blended.
The Spoils of Time Trilogy (Yes, even the trilogy title is indulgently trashy) begins in London at the turn of the century, and follows the Lytton family (or dynasty may be more appropriate) through 4 decades, 2 wars, and countless affairs and risky decisions.
No Angel: Begins in the early 1900's with Lady Celia purposely getting pregnant so her aristocratic parents will be forced to allow her to marry her low-class love, Oliver. I know, genius plot lines.
Something Dangerous: The series continues and follows the now grown, glamorous Lytton children as they make the same poor decisions of their mother.
Into Temptation: Crossing continents, this book takes place in New York and London cataloging the lives of 4 generations. 

My only warning is to have all 3 books on hand, because the minute you finish one you will want to start the next. Buy the set HERE

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  1. I love these!!! And have already cast, in my head, the movie...