Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gems of Etsy: Jason LaFerrera

Of course the California Bear is my favorite.
30x20 $250

I saw a post on High Street Market the other day about Jason LaFerrera's prints, and it was love.

His animal prints are made from old maps referencing the species' home territory. I love the idea of using these prints as rustic art in a cabin. It can be a nice change from all that taxidermy. The designs remind me a little of one of my mom's favorite children's authors/artists Eric Carle
They could also be nusery decor that isn't too cutesy.
An Armadillo for Texas
24x20 $225
16x16 $125

How cute is the Tennessee Mockingbird?!
16x16 $125

When perusing LaFerrera's page, I stumbled upon Triple Studio. They make the cutest hand painted cards for about $6 each. Paired with an Ikea Ribba frame, you have inexpensive nursery decor.

Elephant Card printed on Rice Paper, comes with handmade square envelope

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