Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Have you seen the latest issue of House Beautiful?
It is all about small spaces, and I am fairly sure Mr. Fonty, our buddy Ryman, and I could lively quite peacefully in 1,400 square feet if our house looked like this cutie (as long as we maintained our separate DVRs).
I am so in love with these cabinets! And don't get me started on the painted hardwoods.
Mr. Fonty pointed out that the front drawers must be dummy panels to accomdate the sink. I still like it.
(and yes, I got him to look at my design magazine. I had a captive audience on our flight to Texas)

I have been on the hunt for a chair just like this for months. Worn in to perfection
Love the blue doors. I'm trying to work up the courage to do this in our house.
This sink paired with the floors is heavenly.
Right now we have dual pedestal sinks, and while adorable, they are so impractical. I love the style and function of this sink.

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