Friday, July 8, 2011

Home on the Ranch

Since Mr. Fonty and I started dating, I've spent every New Year's and 4th of July in the Hill Country of Texas. The Fontys have the most amazing group of friends out each year to celebrate, and over the years, they have become like family to me. At our wedding, my family couldn't get over how warm and fun this group is - the copious wine and beer drinking doesn't hurt either. Thanks for a great weekend!

When I met Tommy & Kristen they hadn't even gotten married yet. Now they have this cutie pie, Jack. I'm pretty sure someone was holding him all weekend long.

Old Folks playing wiffle ball.

All the "Adults"



Ain't that America?

Pouring one out for the missing ranchers: Hollister, George Cire, Ryan, and Levy

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