Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tooling Around

On the road again

Working in the music industry, Mr. Fonty brings a lot of creative and interesting people into our lives. One of the most creative (and endearing) of these people is Jonny Corndawg.
Jonny spends his time traveling around the country singing his songs and stealing people's hearts. He creates impressive leather workings (is that a word?). His work is very popular in the Fonty house. The buddyman has a dog collar, Mr. Fonty has a belt, and I gave him a belt for our wedding, and chances are you have received a belt as a gift at some point. Jonny can create any custom design you like. He doesn't stop at belts and collars, though. Jonny makes guitar straps, bags, and custom landscapes - I had one done of Mr. Fonty's beloved Explorer with Ryman waiting for a ride outside. It was a big hit.
Email Jonny to place an order:

An assortment of belts.

Dog Collars

Fonty Dog's beloved collar from his best bud Jonny.

Credit card wallet for the photo enthusiast
Credit Card Wallet How cute is the Westie?
I call Westies "Bernie dogs", because my favorite Westie is Bernie Moss-Stewart. Hi B-man!
Jonny's guitar is a work of art
Parker Gispert's custom Jonny gutar strap.
Guitar strap for Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes

This hand tooled bag that was stolen :(
Hey Mr. Fonty, I'd love a bag like this for my camera... Just saying.
 Go See Jonny on the road! TOUR
Come back to Athens soon, Mr. Corndawg!

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