Thursday, February 7, 2013

All Grown Up

I'm going to be a big brother!
My friend Beverly is pregnant with her second baby, which means cutie patootie Ward is getting kicked out of the nursery all the way to his big boy room. Ward's new room is small - about 11.5x11', and it has to double as the guest room. For this reason, Bev didn't want it to be over the top kiddieland - which I don't think is a bad plan for any kids room. 
Beverly is lucky to have antique twin beds that her dad and uncle slept in when growing up. So fun!
Here's what I put together for you, Bev. 
Place an 8x10 rug down. For the bed: Classic ticking stripe sheets with quilted navy shams and a navy coverlet. A navy and white striped comforter folded at the bottom keeps the room youthful. And the topper, adorable embroidered throw pillows from my new favorite company Coral & Tusk. The end of the bed is calling out for a pop of color, and red trough style bookcases are just the answer. 
Since the wall is a little over 11', the beds can share a low dresser placed under the window instead of individual nightstands.  When using a non-traditional piece of furniture as a night stand, you want to keep the height around 28". The dresser has a playful owl lamp from West Elm. Adding a fun, colorful shade would give the lighting even more youthful flair. 
On the opposite wall between the door and the closet can go a dresser with a row of baskets for toys at a level that is accessible for Ward (and clean-up time). And just for fun, an activity table shaped as the USA in the center of the room. 


  1. Love it! You are so talented my friend.

  2. Awesome ! Ward is a big boy !