Monday, April 1, 2013

Time Will Tell

I stopped wearing a watch my sophomore year of college when my trusty Nixon's band broke. I vowed to get it fixed, but like most things in my life, this never got done and bracelets adorned my once naked wrist. In those ten years, I haven't missed a watch, especially because "checking the time" gave me innumerable excuses to check non-existent missed calls on my cell phone. But spring has brought a bevy of classic, ladylike watches. I think I am ready to take the plunge - even if it means admitting that I check my phone 400 times a day despite my mom and Mr. Fonty being the only people who call me. 
The winner of my watch search Daniel Wellington $229 

Girly and fun Kate Spade $175
kate spade new york 'metro' patterned dial watch
A rugged classic Timex at J.Crew $150
Timex® vintage field army watch
Modern feminine style Olivia Burton $103
Image 1 of Olivia Burton Black Leather Vintage Style Watch
Nixon $125
The Kensington Leather in Rose Gold / White


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