Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet Me At Midnight

In 1995, The movie Before Sunrise came out. My mom took my best friend and I to see it at the sketchy indie film theater in Palo Alto. Mrs. Cookie of course hated it, but Glynnie and I, at the ripe age of 13, were memorized. I'm not really sure why we loved it so much since the movie consists of 2 hours of dialogue, 90% of which probably went over our heads. Maybe all it took to woo a 13 year old girl in the mid 90's was 120 minutes of Ethan Hawke falling in love. 
Since the film came out, we've both watched it countless times, and it was only fitting that nearly 10 years later the sequel, Before Sunset, was released. Both of us had just returned home to Menlo Park after graduating college with literally no idea what to do with our lives (thankfully, after a few months we figured it out - LA for Glynnie and Nashville for me). We returned to the same sketchy indie film theater in Palo Alto to catch up with our friends Jesse & Celine. The sequel didn't disappoint, and the ending left you wondering if Jesse stayed in Paris or caught his flight back to the US. 
Well my friends, another 9 years later, we finally find out! The trailer for Before Midnight was just released. The movie comes out May 24th, and I may have to save a seat and a bucket of popcorn at the sketchy theater for my best bud. 

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