Thursday, March 14, 2013

Splurge vs. Steal: Powder Room Redo

My friend Beverly (who's son, Ward's room we worked on) has a powder room off their living room that needs some TLC. At Bev's suggestion, I did a Splurge vs. Steal for redecorating the bathroom. Not to toot my own horn, but I was able to shave nearly $4,000 off the cost of the bathroom! A total overhaul isn't in the cards, so this is more of a Makeover Friday on Today with Hoda & Kathie Lee. 
Here is what Bev is currently working with:

So, first things first, I'd ditch the red. It's too bold and pretty dated (Sorry, Bev). I love a good wallpaper in a powder room, so I chose a neutral print, because I didn't want to scare the man of the house. The pattern adds interest, but the color keeps the room light and spa-like. (I estimated 8 rolls of paper for this room. This number could be drastically too many or too few. I have no idea) The vanity (which is staying) is very basic, and probably in 80% of American homes. To modernize it, I'd paint it Benjamin Moore's Sage Wisdom and replace the knobs with girly mercury glass hardware. 
I've loved the Oomph lantern below for a long time, but at $2,000, it is an investment for a trendy piece. Why not get a can of pastel spray paint and jazz up the metal lantern below? A nice little $1,800 savings. 
There is an open wall when you first enter the bathroom. I think a collection of botanical prints would fit well in the space, and they blend with the current design and style of Beverly's house. Throw in some monogrammed towels (Leontine Linens are so worth the splurge!), and you've got yourself a makeover.


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  1. I need you in Chicago. Love this "makeover." The wallpaper is pretty with that sage green. Worship the botanical prints. Might need to snag those.