Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank you doesn't really begin to voice what I want to say to you all after my post on Monday
Originally, I wrote about my experience, because I was having trouble finding a way to verbally express how I was feeling. I'm not an overly emotional person, and I could never get the right words out to explain myself. Writing it down, I was able to put it out there and organize my thoughts. So, thank you to you all for not only taking the time to read what we've been going through, but for all your kind words, personal stories, and encouragement. My heart is beaming, and I so appreciate everything. I hope none of you have (or have had) to got through this, but if you do, I can tell you, talk about it. You will be surprised at how wonderful the people around you really are. 

On the note of wonderful people, I thought I would share some pics from a wonderful weekend with my wonderful college friends (who I unloaded all my miscarriage information on at about 2 in the morning after 754 bottles of wine. I've never been good with timing). A couple weeks ago, we had a reunion of sorts (missed you, Cool!) at Mason Fork Ranch, George's family's paradise in the Texas hill country. 
Sunset at the deck. I believe these are silhouettes of people taking pictures, not shotgunning beers as it appears. 
I'm fairly certain that Robert, the ranch foreman, is still telling his friends about the gaggle of city slicker California girls he entertained for a weekend. When we weren't hounding Robert with questions about ranch life, we were laughing endlessly, drinking copious amounts of wine, playing ridiculous games, honky tonking, and naming the newborn calves after Katie K. (Little Katie & Katie 2). It was a perfect weekend. 
(I can't find the cord to my camera, so here are pics hijacked from Molly and instapics)

mule ride

xoxo. Happy Weekend!

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