Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From Tree to Deadwood

Athens, GA is a pretty great little city. It is filled with creative people in all art forms, and sometimes these art forms mesh together as they did with Deadwood Guitars. Jason Booth blends together the art of music and woodworking in his handmade guitars. He takes an entire tree - from a dogwood to a pecan - and crafts a gorgeous guitar. His guitars are not just acoustically pleasing, they are works of art to be displayed.

Another Athens artist, my talented videographer brother-in-law, Cartter, along with his friends, Sam & Kelly, spent 3 months creating a stunning video following Jason's process of cutting down a tree to turning it into a custom guitar. The video is as beautifully done as Jason's guitar. 

Dead Wood from Dirtty Toe Productions on Vimeo.

If your boss is watching you you don't have 20 minutes right now, below is the trailer - just a taste of the process

Dead Wood-Trailer from Dirtty Toe Productions on Vimeo.

Great job, guys!

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